Hercolubus is Coming

ferradaCARLOS FERRADA was born in Chile in 1909. By 1939 he was making geophysical and astronomical predictions that would shake the world, with many of his earthquake and tsunami predictions coming true in spectacular fashion. He also famously predicted a change in the trajectory of Halley’s Comet back in the 1960s, before anyone knew that it would come closer to the Sun.

In 2001, then in his 90s, Ferrada predicted three massive upheavals to occur as a future “comet/planet” called Hercolubus nears the Earth and our Sun. He explained that he described Hercolubus a hybrid comet/planet because it has an elliptical orbit, with the tail of a comet and the large mass of planet.

“The large gravitational field that brings this new star…
will cause a big change… Mankind is not ready…”

Ferrada went on to reveal that Hercolubus travels at three different speeds depending on where it is in its orbit, and our Sun has a companion “Black” Sun (dwarf star?). | More

“The sun (Hercolubus) will rise inside the orbit of the Earth with a satellite speed of 66 kilometers per second, and at the same time its perihelion only 139,100,000 km from the Sun. It is also in the scope of probabilities, determining that this new and attractive gigantic cosmic mass can straighten the axis of the Earth with great gravity and geophysical disturbances, and it may affect the attraction field of our satellite Moon… The two poles removed at the same time, as in the days of the equinoxes of spring and autumn.”—Carlos Muñoz Ferrada

Hercolubus or Red Planet

The his book “Hercolubus or Red Planet, V.M. Rabolu describes a gigantic planet that is approaching our solar system, highlighting the catastrophe that will be caused by the gradual influence of the huge heavenly body.

Mr Rabolu lays out the likely prognosis for humanity, emphasising a progressive increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and coastal devastation. The fact that this book was written in 1998 should be taken into account, given that significant world events have taken place since then confirming some of his statements. There is a lot of speculation that this ‘red’ planet is currently under surveillance by astronomers…


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  1. Nick Roerich /

    Carlos Muñoz Ferrada Video: The BEST Planet X Presentation On The Internet


    “Psychic Astronomer Whose Predictions ALWAYS Came True”

  2. Me Here Now /

    Well many prophecies are correlated to many different events due to individual perceptions, and if the above is true, I ain’t going to a new planet, so who gives a Shit! Irrelevant!

    • If Carlos or Rabolu was such an expert at knowing the speed and and trajectory like he did with previous comets, then he should have been able to give the exact date and time of the fly bye? Just saying.

      If he did then I apologise and would like to know, thank you…

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