What Happened to the Anunnaki Movie?

BACK IN 2005, work started on a movie trilogy about the ancient Anunnaki… but after a few months something happened, and the project was shut down. The movie was never released. All pictures, videos and information were banned from internet. The email account of Jon Gress, the director, was also shut down.

Almost every trace of the movie’s production has since been removed from the Internet, including the interview with the movie’s director, Jon Gress (below)—which was recently taken down by Google. The film’s official site has also disappeared. Why?

In July 5, 2006, X-Squared Radio were promoting their ‘exclusive’ interview with Jon Gress, Creator and Director of “1Anunnaki”:

The first digital movie in the Anunnaki Trilogy by Jaguar Films will set the time and place mankind made its greatest anthropological leap forward.

“This is the first full-length motion picture to factually show how the Sumerians were influenced to suddenly become the most advanced civilization in the world. Many people still do not know that there were flying machines on the Earth well before the Egyptians reached their zenith.”

“Cuneiform writing suddenly appears in many places throughout the world. Advanced knowledge about the stars, agriculture, animal husbandry, and even social structures is introduced to mankind by advanced civilizations. This film shows how that was done in a way that will write history the way it should have been written in the first place.

“Don’t miss this world exclusive interview. Find out how the Anunnaki worked with early mankind. The story behind the trilogy is true. The evidence is stunning. This independent film is about to change the course of movie history…”

nwo-pyramid-sealBut, sadly, it didn’t. If the story of the Anunnaki had made it to the cinema screen it would have overturned all three Western Monotheistic religions, undermined State control, trashed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and completely transformed our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Small wonder, then, that the authorities were desperate to shut the project down.

And the REAL reason why ‘they’ are trying to bury the Anunnaki Story..?

…because IT’S TRUE!

The ancient ANUNNAKI created (at least) two distinct human/ET hybrids: one, the fully-functioning demi-god (the Nephlim of the Old Testament): the other, a ‘dumbed-down’, more manageable ‘drone’ version (with the godlike abilities within its DNA switched off). The descendants of both versions populate the Earth today, with one dominating the other, desperately trying to keep it ignorant of its true, godly identity…

Introducing the Anunnaki...

A look into the evidence that extraterrestrials have a mission plan for Earth and mankind, including the Sumerian tablets that described the Anunnaki, a race of creatures that came to Earth to mine gold thousands of years ago…

The Jon Gress interview...

This video is almost impossible to find now, so watch it while you can. It’s not difficult to see why the Anunnaki project was closed down..

Links: tentara.net | myspace.com/jongress | Video Intro to the Anunnaki | The Lost Book of Enki 
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  1. This is an old story, but now in light of the war in Iraq and the take over of Libya,etc., not so old.

    I can see how the wrong person viewing a movie like that would take it as the absolute truth, and it would start to cause problems.

  2. jennie spooner /

    When you tell people they can’t have something, they want it all the more. Watching this movie would sure set the stage for starting the fear that would lead into the government’s planned false alien invasion…

  3. Marcel Vanalderweireldt /

    If somebody can provide us with a link where we can download this movie, we all could contribute by uploading this film on as many websites as we can reach.
    So please… try to find this movie! The world needs the truth!

  4. Camilla /

    Although not mentioned in this article, I have encountered articles suggesting that the Anunnaki were the ‘Shining Ones’. They were not the same. The Shining Ones were a noble race and the Anunnaki were their enemies. It is said that some retreated to an underworld of cavern cities, when the Anunnaki arrived here. We can read about the Anunnaki wars in the Mahabharata.

    While the Anunnaki were more technologically advanced, the Shining Ones were more spiritually advanced, and I have a theory, although I cannot provide the facts, that they have hidden some of their DNA in us. The Anunnaki also played with our DNA so we have at least two different types of humans here on earth. Tie that into the fact that certain races/groups have been slaughtered throughout history, and that might give you something to ponder.

    I believe the ‘Highlander’ movies were based on echoes of the race of the Shining Ones, although infested with the blood-and-betrayal formula Hollywood is famous for.

  5. M.a.n.a /

    The Answers are out there! Be careful, the truth can set you free from the humanistic entrapment of the Anannaki enslavement. You may find yourself alone in your a world you thought you knew. You will never see life the same again.

  6. Jagfx2002 /

    New Teaser on YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/eo7SWzx6M0c

    New Teaser on Vimeo Channel: http://Vimeo.com/72085478

    Newsgroup: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/1ANUNNAKI/

  7. No doubt that there was a civilization before the Egyptians that had “super-technology”, and incredible insight and wisdom. The Bible tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes: “There is nothing new under the sun. What’s been done before, will be done once more”. How true this is.

    Who could have know that when our world inevitably falls into a third world war (i.e. a nuclear holocaust), it won’t be the first time for that, on this planet?!?

  8. Ah, I am reminded of a film script that I wrote back in the mid-’80s… well, let’s not go there. Anyway: A subject well worth revisiting. Thanks for it.

    That subject may very well be coming around again anyway, on its own merits, and in its own good time…

  9. Jim Krilich /

    I remember the advertisement on the internet of the movie.

    I too was looking forward to seeing it.

  10. WDSTA1 /

    Why is the world abruptly robbed of this motion picture? Why is there no trace of this movie? Why can i not reply or send messages pertaining to this film? Who silenced Jon Gress? Where is Jon Gress? Is he alive? Why is his work & name being punished?

    The world wants to know the truth about the lost film “1Anunnaki”?? Why was http://www.anunnaki.com taken down? Do not send the men in black to my house!! I want to see this film & as an American citizen we all have the right!!!

  11. Puzzled /

    @ Blondie

    You might want to read the book Shattering the Myths of Darwinism.

    Darwin’s theories were little more than justification for the ruling elite to congratulate themselves for ending up at the top of the food chain in this controlled world, and also a means for explaining away scientifically any connections to ancient history, as the science that was arising could once again take us back to the truth. It also provided those who sought direction away from the church an intellectual justification for why the church was so wrong.

    The idea that we slowly evolved from monkeys over time is rather ludicrous. Sure, we may have their traits due to dna manipulation, but the actual dna evidence shows that without a shadow of a doubt, we are not even compatible genetically with the number of chromosomes in the human genome.

    Also Check out the work by Lloyd Pye.

  12. Come to wonder why recently (I mean in the past few months) a news article I watched on TV showed that they found the rest of the aztec calendar. My guess is that they (government) are trying to calm down the mass hysteria that would result if they didn’t find such evidence. Or maybe not… I would like to believe that there is a greater being out there with the answers of the past 100,000 years and what the real agenda is. Anyway that should be great movie plot..

  13. Adrian /

    But Jon Gress didn’t dissapear. He’s in Facebook, LinkedIn. He also has his IMDb page with his curriculum… Why the movie was not produced is a very good question indeed. I’m planning to answer… We’ll see…

  14. Shanti /

    Yes! I remember the website and the trailers for this movie. I was looking forward to seeing it then suddenly it disappeared. I wonder why.

  15. James /

    One can obviously see why this movie was shutown; if it was even real to begin with instead of Pentagon disinformation, that actor “Steve Roth” in the last clip was made infamous for being one of the worst actors in the 911 psy-op. They clearly removed everything to do with the movie when this actor was “made.” Even if the movie was real, it would have been sadly put down so no one could get to this actor. He is probably watching his back.

  16. This is an old story, but now in light of the war in Iraq and the take over of Libya,etc., not so old. I see now on the web that there are stories about new tablets and translations being found in the area, and covert missions to shut up the info leaks. You gotta wonder why bomb the hell out of old Mesopotamia…?

  17. Yes I’m aware of blackballing of Hollywood style movies and projects, as in funding-is-everything. I created PREDATOR partly from this frustrating fact. Predator vs Alien is a sort of comic book version coverage story set-up of the “Ancient Astronauts” Eric Von Danniken & Sitchin proposals. I couldn’t/wouldn’t call them Annunaki since their purpose for creation, to my mind, was to fight Alien species (to loss or stalemate, as in Mad Mag Spyvs Spy). I ghostwrote for Star Trek and designed the Mars rovers 1987.

    People, animals, statues, fossils on Mars

  18. Blondie /

    I’m pretty sure that darwin was right, but I guess I can see how the wrong person viewing a movie like that would take it as the absolute truth, and it would start to cause problems.

    • Camilla /

      You need to look into the subject a little deeper otherwise people might be tempted to remark on your chosen name in relation to your comment.

  19. Peatreace Constantine /

    Hey! it’s funny, shutting down the movie Anunnaki. I’m a student at the moment and ive just finished my short film which is exactly the same as the one that was shut down. Let them try and take away my creation!! Soon I might post my short film on youtube. But remember it’s not hollywood kinda picture as i’m a student. Chow my friends!

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