Fukushima & Clif High’s Wujo

CLIF HIGH developed the Web Bot Project in the late 1990s, with his associate George Ure. The project is an Internet ‘bot’ software program—or web spider—that was originally designed to predict stock market trends. It soon developed into something different though, and now it is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords on the web.

“We need to bombard Fukushima with 10,000 years of time…”—Clif High

Based on his own research and Internet data analysis, Clif suggests that the Fukushima radiological threat is much more serious than reported, and reveals a statistical trend that points to the nuclear plant going ‘super-critical’ around July 10th this year*—or some other extreme event. He proposes a radical fix for the crisis incorporating the latest discoveries in vortex maths, torsion-field science and applied time-dilation technology. And much more… | Download Full Length Mp3 file

Time Technology & Research...

A CLIP FROM DR. DAVID ANDERSON’S INTERVIEW on Coast-to-Coast. In the full interview, Anderson discusses the state of time technology—from his research, as well as other labs around the world. He recaps his work from 2002, when  his team had created small time warp fields that he said could accelerate time by 300% within the field, as well as reversing time. He describes the initiation of a time warp field as quite spectacular to witness, “between the combinations of different chemical reagents and high energy lasers we use to excite or initiate a time warp field…a lot of light, a lot of energy.”

“I could give you 40 or 50 reasons why governments

would not want this to be disclosed…”

Since 2002, the effects have increased by “two orders of magnitudes,” both in time acceleration and retardation rates, and living organisms have been successfully tested in the warp fields, he detailed. By regenerating “closed timelike curves” (bending spacetime so time loops back on itself) we’re finding it “just as easy to move backwards in time as well as forward,” Anderson explains.

Currently countries such as Japan, China, and especially India have been experimenting with time technologies, Anderson reports. Through a device called the Temporal Tremor Detector (TTD), his team is able to track such experiments by observing disruptions in the spacetime fabric, he says.

“Yes, we have exposed humans to accelerated and

retarded rates of time. Absolutely, yes.

As time technology becomes further developed, moral and ethical issues are arising, says Anderson. Benefits of the technology include accurate historical studies of the past, but on the negative side, we could experience “Time Wars,” with deliberate destruction of parts of the timeline. Anderson advocates for more transparency and disclosure of the technology, so the public can have input on how it’s used.

Sortly after this interview David Anderson’s website disappeared from the Internet. Update

May 10, 2012: Clif High on Red Ice Radio

CLIF OFFERS HIS TAKE on the story of coming “mass arrests” being promulgated by author and speaker David Wilcock and whistleblower and alleged insider “Drake.” They say that military top brass in the Pentagon have secret plans to arrest corrupt politicians, bankers and those who have subjected the world to financial tyranny.

Connected to this story is Benjamin Fulford, a former writer with Forbes magazine, who has been reporting and writing about the Japanese Yakuza and the “White Dragon Society” and their supposed opposition to the Western royal families and Illuminati… | Red Ice Radio

Website: halfpasthuman.com | See also: Time Warp Field Technology | 2012: Seed Point of Fractal Time
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