The Starchild Project

THE STARCHILD SKULL is a unique 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project is an informal organization which began in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young, the owners of the Starchild Skull, asked Lloyd Pye to head research efforts to determine what caused the unusual shape and properties of the bone.

The results uncovered by Pye’s team ruled out all known deformities, and presented the scientific community with a genetic and physiological profile never before seen on Earth.

Red Ice Radio, May 2011: In this interview, Lloyd shares his latest breakthrough research into the Starchild Skull. He talks about mitochondrial DNA and DNA classifications of various species known and unknown. At what point can he claim the Starchild Skull as alien? Then, Lloyd will talk about how he believes the Starchild Skull can be a smooth bridging mechanism into alien disclosure. He briefly discusses government involvement with aliens, the underworld of geneticists and the NIH database.

Later, Lloyd opens up and shares his theory about how life began on Earth through“directed panspermia”—not by evolution. He says all life everywhere has related DNA. We are ubiquitous beings that all have similar functions. He also discusses the scientific community, the disbelievers vs. the true cutting-edge scientists…

The history of the Starchild Skull begins in the 1930s, when an American teenage girl was on vacation with her family near Mexico’s Copper Canyon region. She went exploring alone and found a long-abandoned mine tunnel. Inside it she found a full human skeleton lying on its back. Beside it was a grave-like mound of dirt with an arm bone sticking out of the dirt and the hand bones wrapped around the upper arm bone of the skeleton lying on the surface. Using her hands she dug the buried skeleton out of its shallow grave.

The girl attempted to recover both skeletons but lost most of the bones in a flash flood. Ultimately, all she brought back to her home in El Paso was the two skulls, both somewhat battered in the flood, and a detached piece of maxilla that belonged to the “misshapen” skeleton she found in the grave. For the remainder of her life she kept both skulls in a cardboard box as souvenirs of her trip, assuming the odd looking skull was the result of some kind of human deformity.

The woman died in the early 1990s, and in 1998 the two skulls were given to Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas. Melanie, a neonatal nurse and physical therapist who understood that the “misshapen” skull was in no way the result of a typical human deformity. She was determined to have it expertly evaluated to find out what it really was. To do that, she and her husband Ray enlisted the help of Lloyd Pye, an author and researcher in the field of alternative knowledge, who became the skull’s caretaker and research coordinator.

Lloyd Pye became Director of the Starchild Project in February of 1999, and in the course of the past twelve years has overseen the scientific testing of the skull in three countries (USA, Canada, and England). While doing that he has regularly informed the media and the public about those results, and continues to oversee ongoing research that will lead to a definitive conclusion about the unusual skull.

The Starchild DNA Testing...

Preliminary new DNA results from the 900 year old Starchild Skull, provide information that a percentage of the DNA in the bone may not be from Earth. Our geneticist is confident that complete confirmation will unfold over the following months as the Starchild Skull’s entire genome is recovered using advanced sequencing technology. Ultimately, he will be able to formally announce that he has absolute, ironclad proof that a significant part of the Starchild’s genome cannot be found on Earth. Learn more

Zurich lecture 2010...

The Starchild Project Website | Also: Everything You Know is Wrong | Aliens and the Creation of Man

lloydscPostscript: If you want to know where ‘the truth’ lies, in this bewildering world, check out the work and discoveries of the researchers and scientists who have mysteriously committing suicide or met with untimely deaths—usually ignored by the mainstream media. One such was Lloyd Pye, who, in July 2013 was unexpectedly diagnosed with a fast-acting cancer. Five months later he was dead.

Lloyd was shining a light on the origins of humanity, a subject that the Global Elite would prefer to remain in the dark. So was he murdered? Some people think so.

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