Why Did Ancient Aliens Come to Earth?


The History Channel Ancient Aliens series presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. This episode proposes that extraterrestrials have a mission plan for Earth and mankind. It cites Sumerian tablets that describe the Anunnaki, a race of advanced beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago to mine gold and ended up genetically engineering a slave race to do the work. Half alien/half primitive hominid, this hybrid creature was homo sapiens… Us!

3000BC: The Anunnaki (outer pair) creating Man (inner pair) with the DNA ‘Tree of Life’ in the middle

“Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…”—the gods, Genesis 1:26

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Anunnaki: The Cover-Up

In 2005 work started on a movie trilogy about the ancient Anunnaki… but after a few months something happened, and the project was shut down. The movie was never released. Whatever happened to the Anunnaki film..? Read on… | Search for Anunnaki

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  1. When aliens come to Earth… Goodbye religion and all its lies.

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