We Are Anonymous, We Are Fake

“We are Anonymous…”

No you’re not. You’re just another Hollywood creation—a glamorous spin-off from the popular “V for Vendetta” movie—expertly packaged for an American audience that confuses movies and real life. Watch out for McDonalds “Anonymous Happy Meals”... | Bust Reveals Government Runs Hacking Groups

“We are legion…”

No you’re not—but your credulous, ill-educated fans evidently are…

“Expect us…”

Those of us who’ve been paying attention have been expecting you—another popular hero, in the mold of the dashing (“I won’t touch 9/11”) Julian Assange. Yes, we fell for the Wikileaks scam so easily, you assumed we’d probably fall for this Anonymous nonsense as well—which we have. (And of course we also fell for the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter scam, which is currently holding our attention and dragging America into another civil war!)

Reality Check: If Anonymous and Assange were genuine we’d never have heard of them. They wouldn’t have Twitter, Facebook or Youtube accounts, or have appeared overnight on Wikipedia, or be reported on the nightly news. They wouldn’t be popular or trendy. They’d be dead or in jail.

So no, you’re not Anonymous—but your creators are. And they are already working on a sequel. So we can expect another bogus superhero soon…

…in the nick of time, perhaps..?

Anonymous—real or fake? The suit is the clue. And perhaps the UN motif…

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CNN: The “hacktivist” group Anonymous is taking credit for jamming several government and industry websites.

Julian Assange wears Anonymous maskBuy your own mask from Amazon | Make your own mask

“Beware of imitations…”

Thanks, ‘Anonymous’… we will!

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  1. If, as you say: “…Anonymous and Assange were genuine we’d never have heard of them. They wouldn’t have Twitter, Facebook or Youtube accounts, or have appeared overnight on Wikipedia, or be reported on the nightly news. They wouldn’t be popular or trendy. They’d be dead or in jail.”

    You have revealed something about yourselves, haven’t you? By your own words you are not “genuine.” So genuflect again.I really don’t know anything about Anonymous, and little of Assange.

    Dear CFR, you are doing a tremendous job of keeping Americans ignorant and confused. Give yourself an Oscar in the Transmogrification of America dept.

  2. marinos /

    Very good article!! Some people want to play with us, Zionism will be defeated at the end..

  3. Well, for a fake group… They seem pretty effective. Just sayin’

    • Anonymous haven’t done anything of consequence.

      9-11 was an inside job: satanic pedophilia is endemic within the world’s ruling elite: the cancer industry is killing millions every year, likewise vaccination: the CIA/Mossad are funding ISIS and every other “terrorist” group.

      Neither Anonymous, Wikileaks, Assange nor Snowden will ever address any of these issues – because they are FAKE.

  4. Guest /

    You are right man…

    • Anonymous isn’t a group, it’s just anonymous people trying to get the world to go straight, since computers and Internet is human-based, we’re the Base managers. Meaning we can control everything on it. Now, we have friends and meet each other, in the meanwhile we all work on 1 #OP to solve an issue for the world.

      If you believe us: Good. If not, it’s your business. Be sure we will always try to do what is best for a better place to be. We’re anonymous, we’re legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect Us.

  5. Fux /

    How naive, you have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously, you are not awake, nor enlightened (as most of you CREDULOUS critics are). To be Anonymous is to realize there are no individuals, there is only humanity. If you believe, as we do, that the current system is a burden to humanity, then you are already a member.

    We are inevitable. We have grown out of the fabric of humanity itself. We are the first stage of a new human evolution born out of a collective human consciousness and augmented by the technologies of our time. Educate yourself, and when you come back with a real perspective, then you can proclaim a judgement of YOURSELF, and then Anonymous, or else continue as you are…a mindless sheep.

    • admin /

      Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said, “The most pernicious lie is the one that’s almost true”? Anonymous is such a lie.

      Wikileaks, ‘Occupy’, the Man-made Global Warming movement, the United Nations—they are all “almost true”. Kind-hearted, well-meaning people are suckered in because these expertly-crafted entities sound honorable and genuine. But they are NOT.

      Judge any of them, not by their words, but by their actions—see who ultimately benefits from their activities—and you’ll quickly discover that these ‘causes’ are part of the problem.

      Anonymous, especially, with its ‘Vendetta’ movie references, its slick graphics and Hollywood-scripted proclamations, defines the current genre of popular, State-funded fakery.

      Ironically, your use of the term “sheep” derives from perhaps the biggest, most pernicious lie ever to afflict humanity—Christianity!

      sheepBaaa, to you, sir.

      • Some people talk such s**t. Anon has done some impressive stuff. Ferguson police dept, attacks on ISIS recruitment sites, attacks on Scientology to name a few…

        Anon is an idea not an organization. If it was started by the government/Hollywood they would be regretting it. Anon is just people with a conscience and a computer.

        If you want to know.. get involved, get hacking. It’s not hard.

      • I just figured I’d take the time to say that whoever was operating the OperationFerguson account that started all of the Michael Brown stuff was one of two things: an intentionally engineered campaigner of violence, or a very ill-informed, lying fool.

        Don’t sit there and say that the Ferguson Police Department was assailed or handled in ANY WAY by Anonymous, because they UTTERLY failed us. The Anonymous twitter that stemmed from it from the beginning INTENTIONALLY posted false information (Scooby Willman, and the fake chief of police doxxing is the best example)

        Whoever handled opferg lied the entire time, and exploited the beliefs of the people local to Ferguson, where police-delivered injustice has been commonplace. They may have been trying to do the right thing, but they lied to the public and undermined their own cause.

    • Remembering /

      I remember Anonymous back before Chanology.

      The shits today? Redditards, faggots, the weak that Anonymous used to mock and laugh at. The idea that we’re all human? Fuck off with that, Anonymous was about the sovereign individual… only a Marxist declares it’s about throwing that away. It was labels and names that were thrown away—who they were as individuals wasn’t, as that was the one thing that could never be taken away.

      But Anonymous is dead. Long live Anonymous…

  6. anon is fake /

    Anonymous is owned by the CIA and NSA and is a total fake now. They once were good hackers but now they expose the best hackers. Anyone exposed by them is the real deal.

  7. Both sides of this one are constructs. The hactivists and the anti-Anonymous alike are full of disinformation processes and business suits. But the message that Anonymous is pushing as a central core tenet, that information is free, the internet is an undiscovered country and those within it are sovereign and should be allowed to explore, is a common theme amongst the sub-30 internet crowd when pushed by the super-30 activists of yesteryear.

    Being just old enough to be one of those late 70s babies with the weird 80s as a childhood, I see the look and smell the smell of troll all over both camps in this battle. As Admiral Ackbar would say, “It’s a trap!”

  8. Like most people, I thought Anonymous was a legitimate group. But then I got to thinking, especially about the logo and their presentation and basically everything about them and I got the feeling that this was some sort of gimmick or setup by someone. Like you mentioned, it was a little too neat and specific. It would make sense, especially if Big Brother wants to see who’s a “dissident” and who’s not. I’m glad I came across this article. I don’t buy into any of this nonsense anymore and I’m glad I woke up.

    “We are Anonymous” sounds a little too much “We are the Borg”. They might as well say, “Resistance is futile” afterwards.

  9. gabriel /

    If Anonymous was genuine it would do something useful, something real — like crash NORAD.. or Mossad.. or expose the CFR.. or the banksters.. or the Vatican.. or the British Royals..

    Or why not hack the media — like in ‘V for Vendetta’ where our hero takes over the TV station and broadcasts his own message..?

    Why not? Because the whole thing is fake, that’s why!

    Anonymous? — Cui Bono..?

    • The dead giveaway in the video to me was the plain as day message at the start of the video that says:

      “Hello CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, we are Anonymous.”

      Citizen of the World…..sounds like NWO lingo to me.

      • Indeed. “Hello citizens of the world” just isn’t groovy enough — not hip or ‘street’ or the least bit ‘wicked’..

        ..but it is perfect (ever-so-slightly-behind-the-times) quasi-Shakespearean ‘Hollywood’!!

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