2012: Back to the Galactic Core…


William Henry is an internationally renowned investigative mythologist. He is the author of sixteen books and numerous DVD programs and is a contributor to The History Channel’s popular series, Ancient Aliens.

William begins the interview by clarifying the difference between the Aztec Sunstone and the Mayan Calendar. Then, he discuss themes from his new book, THE SECRET OF SION. This book represents the culmination of William’s research into Gnostic literature and sacred art that maps the path, called the “Way of Light”, leading to the Gate of Heaven.

He talks about a race of Stargate time-traveling ascended human beings dwelling at the center of our galaxy, and how each of us can utilize the stargate through self-improvement. He suggests we are the necessary technology and describes a stargate technology “kit” that includes a star-crown, mysterious anointing oil and a light-robe called the ‘beaming garment’.

Hour 1 of the interview ends with the importance of achieving a state of true holiness, this defining time of awakening, and the goal of our quest to get out of here..!

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The Secret of Sion

Jesus’s Stargate, the Beaming Garment and the Galactic Core in Ascension Art

Since 1996, William Henry has been courageously establishing and documenting his revolutionary connection between the original Christianity, stargates and the ascension of humanity into beings of light. His goal has been to recover the authentic teaching of Jesus about how we can transform ourselves into beings of pure light (and love), open a stargate and beam ourselves home.

The Secret of Sion represents the culmination of William’s unique search in Gnostic literature and sacred art to map the path, called the Way of Light, that leads to the gate of heaven.

His quest led him ‘through the wormhole’ where he peered into the promised land of Sion, a place at the center of our galaxy that is inhabited by ascended humans.

His journey is presented as an invitation to follow his path in the form of an astounding collection of third-eye opening and soul-rising ascension art, one that illuminates the esoteric mysteries of the greatest cosmic story ever told.

The Secret of Sion reveals:

  • Jesus is an avatar of a race or tribe of advanced and wise humans, called Perfect Light Humans, who dwell at the center of our galaxy and travel via wormhole to and from this cosmic center.
  • Jesus will return the same way he left…via a Stargate.
  • Members of the race of Perfect Light Humans have remained on earth for thousands of years.They are the most ancient of aliens.
  • The Magi are representatives of the Perfect Light Humans.
  • Encoded within ascension art is a Stargate technology called ‘the Kit’. It includes the Star Crown (of Rose Thorns), a mysterious anointing oil and a robe of light called the Beaming Garment.
  • The Kit is periodically reassembled in preparation for the return of the Avatars of Sion.
  • Sion is rising and with it a new, new world order based on human ascension.
  • The connection between the Mayan image of the serpent rope from the center of the galaxy and Christian Last Judgement art that shows a serpent linking earth and the Throne of God.

Is it possible the window of time we are entering will see the revelation of the Perfect Light Humans from Sion? Do we have what it takes to join them? Or have we always been a part of them? What have we forgotten about ourselves and what can we remember that might free us? That’s The Secret of Sion.

Topics discussed include: Ascension, Resurrection, light body, stargate, wormhole, extraterrestrials, garment of light, robe of glory, Sion, center of galaxy, three magi, transfiguration, metamorphosis, ladder to heaven, the Sun, anointing oil, Holy Spirit, Mary, Sapphire staff of Moses, Elijah, Melchizedek, Gnostic gospels, Secret Book of John, 2012, Revelation of the Magi, Enoch, Book of Mormon, perfection, Rainbow Body.

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