Animal/Human Hybrids Already Here

CRAZED SCIENTISTS all over the globe are “playing god” with the very building blocks of life.  Today, thanks to extraordinary advances in the field of genetic modification, scientists are now able to do things that were once unthinkable.  Part human/part animal hybrid monsters are being created by scientists all over the planet and it is all perfectly legal.  Scientists justify mixing the DNA of humans and animals by claiming that it will help them “cure diseases” and “feed the world”, but the reality is that all of this genetic modification is a tremendous threat to the human race.

It is only a matter of time before humans start allowing themselv es to be genetically-modified in order to “fight illness” or to “enhance” their abilities.  The temptation to insert the genes of animals or plants into people in order to create “super soldiers” or a “superior race” will certainly prove to be much too tempting.  Unless something is done to hold all of this back, it seems almost certain that genetic hell will be unleashed on the human race.  Once genetically-modified humans start breeding with normal humans there will be no putting the genie back into the bottle.  Eventually, we could get to the point where there are very few “100% humans” left.

Most Americans have heard about genetic modification, but most of them don’t know a whole lot about it.

Today, the vast majority of the corn and the vast majority of the soy that you eat have been genetically-modified. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of food products on store shelves today that contain genetically-modified material. But modifying plants is one thing.  What is even more frightening is when scientists use genetic modification to mix humans with animals.

Recently, a Daily Mail article discussed a new report in the UK that noted that over 150 “human-animal hybrid embryos” have been created in British labs.  The following is a brief excerpt from that article….

Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.

The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

So who is going to tell scientists when they have gone too far?

Most countries around the globe allow scientists to do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to genetic modification. The mixing of humans and animals is even going on inside the United States. The following is from an article posted on MSNBC a few years ago entitled “Scientists Create Animals That Are Part-Human“….

On a farm about six miles outside this gambling town, Jason Chamberlain looks over a flock of about 50 smelly sheep, many of them possessing partially human livers, hearts, brains and other organs.

What do you think most Americans would say if you told them that creatures that are part human/part sheep are being grown inside the United States? Do you think that they would believe you?

“The Young Family”—by artist Patricia Piccinini

Well, it turns out that our scientists are creating all kinds of monsters that are part human.  Just check out what that same MSNBC article said is currently going on….

In the past two years, scientists have created pigs with human blood, fused rabbit eggs with human DNA and injected human stem cells to make paralyzed mice walk.

So shouldn’t we be getting upset about all of this? Of course we should be.

But the mainstream media barely mentions the bizarre human/animal hybrids that are being created all over the country and so most Americans don’t even realize that it is happening.

There is a lot of other sick stuff going on out there as well. Did you know that in many areas it is perfectly legal to create human clones for scientific research purposes? It’s true.

For example, recently reported that in the state of Minnesota it is now perfectly legal “to use taxpayer dollars to create cloned human embryos“.

Scientists claim that this is perfectly acceptable because they only allow the clones to live for a few days.

Are you disturbed yet? If not, you should be. There is some really twisted stuff going on in the scientific community. Scientists are now coming up with some very “unique” ways to expand the food supply. In fact, many of us may soon be eating “human gelatin”.

According to an article in Science Daily, scientists are excited about the potential of putting “human-derived gelatin” into marshmallows, candy and other desserts….

Scientists are reporting development of a new approach for producing large quantities of human-derived gelatin that could become a substitute for some of the 300,000 tons of animal-based gelatin produced annually for gelatin-type desserts, marshmallows, candy and innumerable other products.

Doesn’t that just sound so yummy?

So exactly how would this “human gelatin” be made? The following is how that same Science Daily article describes the process….

To get around these difficulties, the scientists developed and demonstrated a method where human gelatin genes are inserted into a strain of yeast, which can produce gelatin with controllable features.

Yuck! Pretty soon we all may actually be eating “soylent green“.

Look, if you don’t know much about genetic modification you really need to get educated because it is one of the greatest threats our planet is facing today. My recent article entitled “Genetic Modification Gone Wild: 10 Signs That Our World May Be Destined To Resemble A Really Bad Science Fiction Movie” is a great place to get started.

The following are a few examples of genetic modification involving human DNA that are noted in that article….

In China, scientists have inserted human genes into the DNA of dairy cow embryos.  At this point, approximately 200 hybrid cows have been successfully produced.  These cows can produce milk that is virtually identical to human breast milk.  The scientists hope to have huge herds of these cows producing an alternative to human breast milk soon, and they hope to have this “milk” sold in global supermarkets within 3 years.

Scientists at Rockefeller University have injected human genes into mice.  These “humanized mice” are being used to study the spread of the hepatitis C virus.

In Missouri, entities that are part pig and part human are being grown with the goal of providing organs for human transplants.

Countries all over the world are doing this kind of research.

Unless people start objecting, this “research” is going to keep spreading and it is going to keep becoming even more bizarre. Science is messing with the very building blocks of life.  If we are not very careful, our children and our grandchildren will be living in a world where “man-made life” and “human/animal hybrid monsters” are running around all over the place.

Sometimes it is difficult to convey the true threat posed by genetic modification with only words.  Please take a few moments to watch the video posted below.  It is put out by and it is entitled “Genetic Armageddon: Humanity’s Greatest Threat“….

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  1. The only thing that cannot be created by humans or any being of a fallen angel is life from dust of the Earth. You can play god if you will, in trying to rule people and the world, but cannot create man from the dust. All that is happening now is the corruption of man’s seed created by Yah as before the time of the biblical flood.

    It took men almost 4000 years to get back to the peak of civilization they once had only to be wiped from the face of the earth, because if a redeemer is to come the second time from a set of chosen people from an area, then it won’t be part beast.

    So what to make of this tsunami prediction that will take out the east coast of the US and the Caribbean. Who believe will be finding their way back to the promise land of Africa as the rightful tribe of Israel.

  2. If genetically modified humans are already here, where are they? I don’t seem to have seen any in my home city of Leicester as yet. Of course I think the idea of genetically modified humans is a good one as I think it’s time we did some evolving. But what will we evolve into? I think one trend should be pointed ears. Another trend might be reducing the world’s population.

    Obviously this would happen if the death rate was to exceed the birth rate. I believe it’s even been suggested that that world’s population ought to be reduced to 500 million. How about, therefore, using genetic selection to evolve ourselves as a species? I also think that androids are a good idea.

  3. I grew up reading edgar cayce and was always impressed by the ‘fall of atlantis’ scenarios he described. Those same evil scientists are back and at it again… a little ‘knowledge’ does not equal Enlightenment. Hell is crawling with PhDs.

  4. Well, I’m plenty depressed now. We demonize Mengele, and yet do these things. It is probably appropriate to say, “Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should.”

  5. I don’t understand what the problem is? I’m not trying to be a dick but I don’t see why its wrong.

  6. Thank you, David; thank you, Alex. Extremely important info. (Infowars indeed.) If ever there were a good case for government of, by, and for the people, this is it. The Powers That Be simply can’t be trusted by the human race, of which they would be the Masters.

    It goes way back, on this ‘front’ of that war. I remember reading, back in the early 90s, of a report – not carried in the MSM – about a tomb found in Egypt which, when opened, proved to contain a curious mix of animal and human bones. The investigators came to the stunning conclusion (well; some of them did. ‘No – it can’t be – that’s impossible’ etc etc for the rest) that ‘the ancients’ had created chimeras, which then terrorized the populace, who finally had had enough, rebelled against their masters, captured the monsters, loaded them into a tomb and sealed it up as tight as they could.

    It looks like they didn’t count on human ingenuity to stay out of harm’s way…

    Anyway: Good reason here not to let the PTB continue to run the show. They can’t be trusted to look out for our interests. Let the dead bury the dead; and let’s move onward and upward. Not further down into that materialistic abyss staring humanity in the face – and back from the mirror.

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