The Dangers of Smart Meters

WIRELESS SMART METERS infiltrate your home with electromagnetic radiation that increases health risk of disease and disorders. The smart meter radiation travels for a few miles in all directions and pierces through all non-metallic mediums. If your community has 1000 homes then 1000 smart meters are exposing you and your family to their radiations, even while they’re sleeping! Although the smart meters fire off intermittently, they have a cumulative effect on our health over time.

Smart meter radiation sickness in its variety of forms is affecting our children, babies, pregnant mothers, elderly, pets, etc. Download pdf report here.

California is tangled up in a controversy involving Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s latest energy-monitoring gadget, the SmartMeter.

Santa Cruz leaders recently made their opinions of the new “energy-saving” devices clear when the Board of Supervisors opposed the implementation of Smart Meters in June, and the Santa Cruz City Council made the decision to support San Francisco’s lawsuit against the installation of the Smart Meters. With petitions circling, moratoriums being instated, and the debate over the future of California’s energy heating up, Good Times sat down with a handful of local players to hear out the perspectives surrounding the SmartMeter controversy..

CTVsantacruz | | EMF Safety Network | EMF Dangers | Eugenics

December 2010: 30 members from a group called the ‘West Marin Citizens Against Smart Meters’ blocked the road into the town of Inverness to prevent the installation of smart meters. Two of the protestors, including the leader of the group, were arrested.

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  1. When are we going to start “thinking outside the box”?

    Electro-polution from Smart Meters is slowly killing us: Cell phones for children, wi-fi, microwaves etc..

    We need protection 24-7

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