Nuclear Terror Attack Berlin June 26th?

ONE OF THE WILDER conspiracy theories doing the rounds suggests that, because of Japan’s outspoken condemnation of Israel’s continuing genocide of the Palestinians (in March 2010), Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility was attacked with the Stuxnet virus, precipitating the multiple meltdowns and radiological contamination. As Germany had also recently been very critical of Israel, Angela Merkel naturally assumed Germany might be next, so she pre-emptively shut down Germany’s nuclear program.

Three months later Germany was hit with the e.coli bioweapon. What next..?

June 6, 2011: German attorney Torsten van Geest has released an English summary and a translation of his legal activities against Chancellor Merkel on the possible Nuclear Terror Attack in Berlin Olympia Stadium Women’s World Cup 2011 Soccer, June 26, 2011

“Many indications and warnings point to a possible terror attack in Berlin on June 26, 2011 during the opening ceremony of the Women’s World Soccer Championship. Similar indications and warnings were known before the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States but were not acted upon. This time, such indications and warnings should be publicized in advance in order to mobilize public awareness and support to help prevent this possible attack.—Torsten van Geest

Olympic Stadium, Berlin

Source: | Download Warning Legal Document.pdf | Nuclear Attack Flyer.pdf (English)
Documents lawyer van Geest: |

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Hollywood: In the movie “The Sum of all Fears”, terrorists try to provoke a war between the U.S. and Russia, by detonating a nuclear bomb at a football game.

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  1. the ambient abbot /

    …This may not be as far fetched as it reads. There is a new tide of hate growing against Germany, and Merkel in particular—and what with the USA “urging” Greece to continue with its current austerity programme (thereby almost certainly sounding the death-knell of the Euro and the impending bankruptcy of Portugal, Ireland and Greece (they even call them the “pig states”!), and with Spain soon to follow.. (I wonder who would benefit from that??)….

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the U.K’s William Hague looking so smug at the news of Greece’s impending debt default (comically called “new bail-out”) – “Oh no, not me guv., it doesn’t affect ME”. And the other day, guess what—the new e.coli strain was discovered in a stream just outside Frankfurt! In a stream!!?? And no-one has a clue how it got there.. As they say—“by any means necessary”.

    It may be bizarre, but it sure as hell is not funny.

    • admin /

      Real or not, it’s the sort of thing that’s increasingly likely to happen. There is a palpable feeling abroad that “we can’t go on like this..”

      I feel it’s important to publicize any ‘intelligence’ that surfaces in the alternative community. Put the bastards off their stride…

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