Evil Alien Invasion Planned for 9/9/11

I WASN’T GOING TO WATCH this video. Was just going to glance at it. But it magnetized me all the way through. Not only does it make “magical” sense of the timing of a number of recent events, but it also jives with Carol Rosin’s information about a fake alien invasion as the final card played by the dark forces—see below.

First, the business of timing and magic.

Having heard that the cabal utilizes magic and ritual to decide timing of collective events, I wondered about the magical significance of the date of the claimed assassination of Osama Bin Laden, May 1st—Beltane! And how this event was closely preceded by the royal wedding on April 29 (a very Beltanish event, the celebration of spring and fertility). And last but not least, what about that weird Disney-like dressing of bride, groom and two members of the wedding party?

Real or fairytale: Disney and the recent royal wedding

Most people who see this photo just think it a funny coincidence. But I do wonder, given that Disney is often linked to government mind-control programs (see the Mind Control section on wanttoknow.info).

Back on March 11, when Uranus went into Aries (for the first time in 84 years) and a new stage of the Mayan calendar began, I noticed a conjunction between the release date of the movie “Battle: Los Angeles” with the 9.0 earthquake off Japan and the Fukushima catastrophe.

Moreover, I’ve heard there are many more movies about alien invasions planned for this summer, including one by Steven Spielberg.

I find this video especially interesting because Tosen ties it into 9/11 in a way that makes sense from the perspective of collective mind-control programming.

The point is, the more of us that know about this kind of nefarious plan, and any projected dates for it, the less impact it will have and the more likely we can avoid it altogether.

Shine the light into the fear and victimhood that have kept us for so long “in the dark.” Shine it bright, and long. Kiss that old creepy world goodbye.

Ann Kreilkamp, exopermaculture.com | Paris Tosen’s youtube | Alien Invasion False Flag Scenario

Carol Rosin is an award-winning educator, author, space and missile defense consultant, and was the first corporate manager of an aerospace company, Fairchild Industries. She was a spokesperson for “the father of rocketry”, Dr Wernher von Braun. Dr Von Braun revealed information to her about conspiracies to keep the existence of ETs secret.

After her first-hand experience of ETs, her inside knowledge of the Space-based Weapons systems and a new space-based weapons race between the US, Russia, China and India, Carol is urgently promoting the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011.

She is currently trying to persuade at least nine countries in the United Nations to become signatories of this Treaty.

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  1. turingschild /

    Weeeellllll….. the date was wrong, we know that now. Whether it happens on November 20, 2012 or that too turns out to be a bust, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But people pretty much know about the plan now, so they may have to just forget it altogether.

    I wonder what would happen if the participants at Bohemian Grove were ‘sacrificed’ on Midsummer’s Night???

  2. I see the video based on the Alien Invasion video was removed by youtube. and I wouldn’t be surprised. Because more than 1 have been removed and more are being taken out of youtube and on webpages that speak of the upcoming Elenin event NIbiru & the Alien Invasion coming up for the 9/11 10th Anniversary. these evil elites trying to begin the nasa’s project blue beam for 44 yrs planed along with haarp is getting out of hand with manipulating the weather and the human brain. all these information was learned by truth seekers. of youtube

  3. the ambient abbot /

    Hmm… quite interesting. I’ve never believed in co-incidence – but I’m not sure about this theory at all. Or more, it’s source, as it is, for the “average Joe”, a bit too “wacky”, and even fuzzy – to my (un-brainwashed) mind. On the other hand, it’s no more fuzzy than many other theories as to “what’s coming next” – it’s best, I guess, to cover all bases. I’m not saying I don’t believe in aliens, or extra-terrestrial life, but somehow I cannot see the US administration coming out and saying “the aliens did 9-11.”

    What Does interest me is the Disney (Corp.) stuff (see above, re co-incidences). They’ve been softening us up for decades, and to me it’s got more to do with mind-control than most other mediums/hidden messages, etc..

    Coming soon to a cinema near you: Muppets Take Misrata, and Tehran-assourus Rex (you’ll weep at the happy endings. guarranteed ) ;-)

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