What on Earth am I doing, here..?

I am quite sure that, right back to the beginning of time, certain of us have woken from a fitful night’s sleep and asked, “What is this all about?” Perhaps even, “No, really—what is this all about?”

Beyond this, there must have been particularly defining and intense periods in the history of humanity when the same few will have wondered, “Why me? Why now..?”

I mention this by way of a modest and space-filling preamble, only because I myself found all of these questions lying in ambush as I awoke this morning—swiftly followed by “What the hell are you bothering with this website for? Everyone else seems to be doing it so much better… and take a look around: the whole world’s going down the pan anyway…”

..or is it?

This is why I’m doing the website. Because I think there is something else


Sure, the popular conception of 2012 is the End of the World. This view, supported since antiquity through our misguided allegiance to the insidious Jesus death-cult and its apocalyptic endgame, and promoted daily by the popular media and press, is behind much of our thinking today. Are we really all ‘miserable sinners’, mere salvation-fodder, is it really all our fault—the global-warming, the financial crisis, even so-called ‘terrorism’—all in some way the result of our ‘sinfulness’..?

Hmmm. Maybe not…

Yet the media insists. Almost as if it’s vital—to the agenda of some unseen agency—that we must be kept in a state of demoralisation and general debility through guilt and fear, grateful to accept anything offered that will briefly alleviate our suffering. Full-body ‘porno’ scanners, dodgy vaccinations, taxes on virtually every aspect of life, leave us too frazzled to consider anything beyond the practicalities of work and the TV guide. Yes, but why would they want to keep us dumbed-down and debilitated?

Is it that they are afraid we’ll notice something if we’re given time to think..?

—Here’s where we’re offered the red pill, and an opportunity to step into an alternative view of the world we live in—


[Continuing the theoretical “as if..” thread]

Why would this ‘unseen agency’ want to keep us debilitated, like prisoners in a jail? I mean, it’s not like they’re putting bromide in our tea (?)…

Okay: What are the basics of life—and do we have them?

Clean environment? No—general pollution, EMF, cellphones, DECT phones, Wifi, chemtrails, radiation…

Clean water? Hardly—fluoridation, chlorination, PCBs, industrial/agribiz run-off

Nutrititious food? N0—GMOs, chemical preservatives/additives, Aspartame, MSG, sugar, transfats, irradiation, increasing ‘anti-organic’ legislation.

Healthcare? Perhaps, if you can pay. Otherwise 100,000s of deaths annually from prescription medication, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, unsafe & untested vaccinations [up to 48 by age 6], dental amalgam..

Education? Look around, you’re never more than 20 yards from an idiot.

Religious freedom? Choose from Christianity or Judaism. Otherwise we’ll be keeping an eye on you..

Freedom to explore our own consciousness through the use of plant medicines and mind-altering drugs? Forget it.

Freedom to smoke or drink ourselves into an early grave? No problem.

In other words:

Anything that dumbs-down and debilitates = Legal, Good.

Anything that enlivens and illuminates = Illegal, Bad.

Hmmm.. Okay, so maybe we are being dumbed-down. But why? Is it that we would otherwise represent some kind of a threat? Am I getting warm..?

“Oh, if only I had time to think about all this… but X-Factor’s on…”

The Good News…

is that more and more of us are choosing the red pill…

we’re waking up, and beginning to realise exactly what it is that they are so afraid of…

—That we are much more than we’ve been led to believe.

Take a look at this clip from Dr Rick Strassman’s recent DMT documentary:

We are powerful, eternal, multidimensional beings. We have latent
abilities locked within our ‘junk’ DNA that will one day turn us
(back) into supermen and women, and take us to the stars!

We think we’re free. We’re not.

We are bound, blindfolded and gagged. Shackled from birth, we have grown into our bindings, which are now so tight that we have almost completely lost all awareness of our surroundings. We no longer know who we are, where we are, or why we are here. Barely conscious of our situation, we lie in the corner of our little cage.. in the corner of our prison cell… in a neglected wing of the prison… in a remote corner of this quarantined planet… in a distant quadrant of the galaxy…

We are about as far away from ‘home’ as it’s possible to be…

And we think we’re free..!

So why do most of us have absolutely no idea about who we are, the nature of our reality, our true potential, whether or not there’s a reason for us being here: and why is every single avenue and aid to self-discovery denied us by the religious and secular authorities? Further: why is our world constantly being pumped full of toxins specifically tailored to hindering our spiritual development..? Why is everything we naturally enjoy doing discouraged, restricted, controlled or outlawed? Think about it.

Only 3% of our DNA is switched on—is the remainder a database of our past lives..?

Unless you have actually experienced ‘plant medicines’ or other mind-altering substances, the only opinions you have are those handed down by government, church or education system. You must ask yourself why anyone would not want to experience some of the revelations and insights described in Dr Rick Strassman’s documentary and, more importantly, why the state doesn’t want you to know. You would think, wouldn’t you, that any caring government would want to encourage the enlightenment of its people?

Why then is it illegal to possess a harmless “liberty cap” mushroom (and hundreds of other plants) yet totally acceptable to smoke tobacco, which kills 5,500,000 people every year? Why is it illegal to possess DMT, even though it occurs naturally in our bodies—and in virtually every other lifeform on the planet?

The bottom-line question is:

Why is it illegal for me to investigate my own consciousness,
to have my own ideas*, to think for myself?

The Sumerian “Tree of Life” shows Anunnaki outer left and right, with newly created Sumerian humans on inner portion. Another Anunnaki hovers overhead on a winged-disc.

*The meaning of the word “heresy” is “to think for oneself, to choose one’s own thoughts.” During the witch hunts that terrorised Europe for four hundred years, you could be tortured and burned alive for the crime of heresy—for simply ‘choosing your own thoughts’. Recently, in the USA, a man was given a life sentence for possession of marijuana.

So, in the 21st Century, we still have heresy laws. And the question remains—Why?

“The ultimate hold they have over us is the threat of death.
But the truth is we cannot die. Realise this and you are free.”

To be continued…

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  1. You don’t die. You are a fractal of God which is increasing in consciousness and vibration until you are able to lose the shackles of incarnation on this planet.

    Your DNA is recording your heartfelt intentions from moment to moment. This “record” determines your vibration, and your frequency. Levels of consciousness range from plants, to animals, to humans. It is logical therefore to assume there are higher levels of consciousness in the universe. We aspire in our primitive awareness to these higher levels. There is a hierarchy of consciousness, and with it comes responsibility.

    You don’t give the keys of your car to a 9 year old, and you don’t get the keys to the universe without the capacity for higher levels of consciousness. The “Planet Earth experience” offers you many experiences which are catalysts for learning and knowledge. If you find yourself in more comfortable surroundings at birth, than your brothers in an impoverished country, ask yourself how you got there.

    There is a plan. Nothing is by chance. How many levels of consciousness are there? You have free will, to make choices. That’s a start. Peace.

  2. Thanks for being one of the only people out there to constructively comment on Luke’s interview with me at Bilderberg 2013.

    Rest of your site generally most interesting, after I came here looking to see who had noticed Luke & I’s fascinating little meeting. What a nice bloke he is.

  3. JamesUK /

    Wow, stumbled on your site while searching info on Lake Vostok while bored and really impressed with the info you have posted up here.

    Will be referring your website to abovetopsecret.com (ATS) to hope get more hits to the info you’re supplying.

    Good job mate and keep us informed.

    p.s your website reminds me of the radio host “Freeman” on GCN.


  4. David,

    Today I took some time and looked around your site(s) a bit. Certainly you are a hard working and productive man. You’re a bit more positive than I am with regard to the future, but we’re on the same page regarding the present.

    Kaptein is right. Your research is valuable. Your piece about the Antarctica map told me a good deal more than I had known. It put me in mind of the archeologist who insists the Sphinx is 8,000 years old.

    Keep it coming please.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ed.

      There is no doubt that the familiar Egyptian dynasties had nothing to do with the building of the Sphinx or the Great Pyramids. The leonine Sphinx must be at least 12,500 years old (half a Great Year), the same for the whole Giza plateau.

      They may be much, much older…

      (see Robert Bauval, Hancock & others..)

  5. Ba Marley /

    Yes, what the good Kaptein says.

    ALSO, cannabis is not just a meditation help and medical plant as is currently used.

    Cannabis extract, as taught by Rick Simpson (see: Run from the Cure) is curing cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, glaucoma. And others. Apparently it’s the extract of resin, ingested or applied topically, that carries the curing torch.

    Cannabis, curing the incurables. Think about the impact of this real revelation.

    Those who want to “tax & regulate” or have a “medical” program are falling for the myth that we must have corporate (aka: gov) overlords to approve & watch over everything. No. Just say no.

  6. Kaptein Koxvold /

    Dear Admin. Good job you are doing here. I like your artistic/aesthetic sense. I like that you are trying to pull things together.

    I must also take my hat off to the research and keeping-up-with . There is a lot of info out there, so I appreciate you standing on top of the lighthouse, keeping a look-out, and then pulling them together.

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