Floating HAARP Platform Spotted in Seattle

May 9th: Sea-Based X-Band Radar spotted in Puget Sound

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s mobile HAARP facility pulled into a Seattle shipyard last week—for “maintenance and repair,” according to the Missile Defense Agency.

People are not allowed within 100 yards of SBX while it is in navigable U.S. waters and moored at Vigor Shipyards—the former Todd Pacific Shipyards—at Seattle’s Harbor Island.

The 280-foot tall SBX is a floating, self-propelled, mobile radar station designed to operate in high winds and heavy seas. It is part of the Defense Department’s Ballistic Missile Defense System.

It is supposed to be based at Adak, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, although it’s never been there, according to the Defense Department. Instead, it roams over the Pacific Ocean to detect incoming ballistic missiles.

The Missile Defense Agency said the radar is not operating while the giant apparatus is in port. [ Well, that’s a relief! ]

There is much speculation that the Japan earthquake of March 11 was triggered by a tectonic weapon such as HAARP. During March 2011 the US Navy’s floating HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform was part of The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group, taking part in the Key Resolve/Foal Eagle military exercises off the Korean coast. The exercise ended the day before the Japan quake struck.

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The Official Story:

SBX Radar Vessel Transits Puget Sound Towards Seattle’s Vigor Shipyards

The Missile Defense Agency’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) vessel will enter the Strait of Juan de Fuca later today and begin its transit of Puget Sound to arrive at Vigor Shipyard Seattle (formerly Todd Pacific Shipyards) in Seattle, Washington, late Tuesday night.  The SBX is visiting the shipyard for maintenance and upgrades.  This work will begin in mid-May and will take about three months to complete. The radar will not be based in the Seattle area, and will not operate while in the shipyard. All vessel movements and work associated with the SBX are fully compliant with all environmental, health, and hazard laws and ordnances.

The SBX Radar is one of the sensors for our nation’s missile defense system. Its mission is to identify ballistic missile threats and relay that information to the battle management, command, control and communications system for missile defense…

US Missile Defense Agency

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  1. paige /

    Bullshit. this is a bullshit video of shit. I have lived in Seattle for over 20 years and I have never seen or heard about this thing. This is a bullshit video by people who think HAARP will be destructive to the environment.

    Photoshop away!!!

    • admin /

      Thanks for the colorful comments, Paige. Such erudition!

      As for the SBX: it was all over the media at the time. Google SBX Seattle and you’ll get 800,000 results:

      May 11, 2011: Sea-Based X-Band Radar in Seattle, in daylight

      Hundreds watched it arrive in Elliott Bay, passing West Seattle shores late last night (WSB coverage here) – and this morning, the Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) is in place at Vigor Shipyard (formerly Todd) on Harbor Island for three months of work – also visible from the West Seattle Bridge, as Brian Presser from TouchTech Systems observed while in this morning’s nightmare traffic (more here).

      Or here: SBX Arrival to Seattle


      Or this—from the Seattle Times:

      Missile defense radar stops in Seattle

      The Sea-Based X-band Radar (SBX) vessel is undergoing repairs at Vigor Shipyard on Harbor Island in Seattle. The SBX is 240 feet wide and 390 feet long, and towers more than 280 feet from its keel to the top of the radar dome. Read more about the SBX from our news partner Three Sheets Northwest.

      Seems like everyone saw it but you, Paige..!

  2. http://losingfreedom.org/2011/05/28/did-the-dimona-dozen-murder-the-fukushima-50/

    Where was this HAARP technology mobile platform in the days just preceding the Japan 9.0 earthquake?

    Why was the atmosphere heated just above the quake epicenter?


    • admin /

      The SBX006 was taking part in the US Key Resolve/Foal Eagle wargames in the Pacific, just south of Japan, which finished the day before the quake(!)

      Thanks for the links: here’s the original Jim Stone site—well worth keeping an eye on…

    • Larry Monske /

      HAARP can’t heat anything, it can’t be aimed, that why it’s in Alaska—so it can study the energy in the ionosphere.

  3. Good stuff from the History Channel on HAARP. Thx, David.

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