George Kavassilas: Ascension & Beyond

In this ‘must hear’ interview, GEORGE KAVASSILAS explains who we are, where we have come from, and what we can expect over the next two years—as the process of ‘Ascension’ speeds up.

Ascension & Beyond…

The journey began for George as far back as his memories of this current life allow, to around the age of five. He has memories of being taken from his bed at night onto ships, and being taken to other places on the planet and to other worlds. His interactions with other beings on many different levels of realities have been occurring throughout his life. These experiences were both with benevolent beings of which George calls his “Greater Family”, and malevolent others who have the ability to appear in many guises.

“This whole reality is destabilizing”

In 2003 George had an experience that changed everything. His galactic family visited and picked him up and took him to a large ship situated closer to the Sirius Star System. Even though George was being exploited from a very young age by malevolent beings, he was targeted by a group calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light. He talks about his experiences in this interview, sharing the messages he received. We discuss the ascension process, transformation of earth, the human experience and how we are in the middle of a transitional period, witnessing the rise of a new human.

“Every time the Montauk Project looked at March 21st 2013,
this reality ceased to exist and everything was pure light”

Topics Discussed: experiences, galactic family, Sirius, true family, galactic levels, the human experience, light, fractal, 4th dimension, the Orion wars, transition to life on Earth, the ongoing Mars Genesis Project, reality, different races, forgotten knowledge, malevolent forces, polarity based construct, nature, balance, equinox, earth axis, artificial moon, closing of portals, official disclosure, LHC, changing reality, prediction for the 21st of March 2013 and more.

“The time of THE GREAT CHANGE is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago.  All who have chosen to be here at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few on Earth can currently comprehend, and of which multitudes in the Universe regard in the highest esteem – the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and her Humanity into Beings of Light and Universal Creators.”

Our Journey Home…

I would urge everyone to sign-up at Red Ice Creations and listen to the rest of
the Kavassilas material. Highly recommended.

Source: Red Ice Radio | George Kavassilas website | | YouTube Channel
More: Hollywood: The Montauk Project | George on Coast-to-Coast | on The Veritas Show

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  1. admin /

    George is currently touring Europe. He is speaking in Glastonbury, UK, on Friday May 20th |

  2. Ba Marley /

    Great interview. Henrik is such a professional journalist – he’s truly one of the world’s greatest. Jim Marrs is another great.

    I must admit that I had a very weird experience the other day. I felt a physical change and then looked down to see that I was light. In form but not substance. No defining boundary. Just light. It was very very cool. But it didn’t last long, really just long enough for me to see it, then plonk, there I was back regular again.

    Or not, eh?

    Because now I feel like I’ll never forget that experience.

    Soon after, a friend sent a link to this site & this video. Which explained it all quite well.

    Give thanks & praises.

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